Messy Breakups

Do you remember how your teeth feel when you chew on a wet sweater? Or how your hair raises when you realize you’re barefoot in a field full of ants? Do you remember the pain when you accidentally cut your finger while chopping meat?Do you smell the difference in your blood and that in the meat? Do you know pain so deep that your whole being goes numb?

Today, Tony knew that feeling, he understood that pain. The love of his life had betrayed him. She had made a fool of him. She had done it publicly. And what did he do? he turned it into world war three. She had sent him a video of herself with another guy, what was he to do? What did she expect? That he would roll over and say that it was okay for her to move on? They were to get married next month, they had a child! She lacked respect for him, for their child and the promise they were to make. She was going to learn she was messing with the wrong man.

He went on Twitter, and with the trust she had put in him, he burnt her. He did not have many followers so he did not expect the story to become a sensation. Two hours later, his tweets and the nude photos he had uploaded were on mainstream media.

And his girl, the love of his life, made it worse. She was not backing down. She was insulting him now, telling the world that she did not need a man to survive. She made it worse, she had hurt his feelings and his pride. That’s when he started telling secrets he should not have told. His mother called him so many times he switched off his phone. He did not care, and the world would know.

A few minutes later, his twitter account was closed. He had no Facebook, no Instagram, his access to the world was shut off completely. That’s when it kicked in, he had lost the love his life and publicly insulted her. His child would one day see what daddy said about mommy, and they, they would never be a family again.

They would never be a family again. He could feel the sweater being chewed, he could feel the ants creeping up again, he could smell the blood and his body felt numb, all at the same time. His world was falling apart and he did not know what to do any more.


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