Tom could feel the blood on his teeth. It felt hot and his heart beat felt faster. He knew exactly what was happening, but still, he could not believe it was actually happening to him, and of all times, now.

He could hear his best friend to his far right gasp in shock as he fell to the ground. For some weird reason, Tom managed to let out a smile as his head hit the ground.

The ground was rotating now. He could tell from the street light that looked like a disco ball. Lord knows the beer he had taken earlier did not help either.

You see, today was Robert’s birthday, and the guys went to the bar to celebrate. He had given Brenda notice earlier and she gladly gave him a pass tonight. All the other guys were clear as well, till around midnight.

Around ten, his former girlfriend had walked into the bar and decided to join the guys. Nobody would tell, and so long as he did nothing stupid, there was nothing to tell. But stupid stories start with tequila, and his ex-girlfriend loved tequila. The birthday was great and they got drunk very fast. Tom didn’t realize he had his hand on the girl’s waist and he never realized Brenda’s friend was three tables away.

Everything happened so fast. One moment he was on the dancefloor with this girl, the next moment, Brenda shows up with her committee of women. His ex-girl was dragged down and Brenda was hitting her hard. He was in shock till Robert asked him to do something. He tried to separate the fight, and the bar security kicked them all out.

Brenda was calling this girl a whore, no, she called her the whore. The whore who has been texting her husband late at night, the one who’s been getting money due to the family. Tom panicked. This was wrong, all of it.  Some poor girl from his past was getting the beating of her life for nothing. That’s when he charged at the group of women to protect her. He remembered yelling at Brenda, telling her that this foolishness has to end while Robert helped the poor girl get into a cab and run off.

But Brenda’s anger was not about to go down. Not when she had her committee inciting her, reminding her that she deserved better. She asked him why he defended a woman who was out to wreck their home and he laughed.

In his mind, he was not laughing to mock her, he was laughing that she had the wrong woman in the first place. Secondly, he had no intention of sleeping with the mysterious woman Brenda was talking about, he was using her to meet her boss who would have given him a good business deal. But Brenda could not understand that; Brenda always thought he was up to no good. And most of the time, she was right.

He walked towards her to explain his situation. That was his first mistake. She punched him hard. She punched him again and he got mad. Before thinking things through, he pushed her away to avoid another punch. That’s when the committee attacked. They beat him so bad he fell to the ground as his friends watched, minding their own business.

Once the women were sure he was not getting up anytime soon, they allowed Brenda near him to give him her burst of threats and tell him not to bother going home.

Immediately the women left, Robert and the other guys rushed to check if he was okay.

He was annoyed. “Why didn’t any of you stop them?”

“Eeh Tom…we don’t fight women,” Robert spoke on behalf of the group. “Plus we were recording it for WorldStar, we are going to make some money off this.”

“Idiots,” muttered Tom as Robert helped him up. “Well let’s go back in and drink, I’m not going home tonight!”


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