She stood in the middle of two doors, two door wide open, with strong wind howling from both of them. She had to choose a door; the present or the past.

To her right was a new door, shiny and glossy. It looked firm, stable and energetic. Inside the door was sunshine, a meadow and a big willow tree. There was a picnic basket and two people in love, giggling without a worry in the world. She saw innocence in this door, happiness and a long happy life. In the horizon, she could also see rain clouds forming. A storm was coming and she feared for the two. They were far from any house, had no sweaters, no umbrella and nothing to protect them from the storm. She wondered when the rain begun, what the two would do. It was evident they only knew sunshine and that greatly worried her. She wanted to stretch out and protect them, warn them that a storm was coming and they had to hide, go home or find shelter. She wanted to tell them to be ready, to forget their innocence and sunshine, and realize they needed sweaters, warmth and each other.

As her hand stretched out, the door to her left howled out louder. Tears trickled down her face when she looked beyond the door. In this space, the storm had begun. There was a man seated by a window staring at the rain. He was old, he coughed and was in a gloomy room. She could see he held a photo in his hand of him and a girl, in their younger years. He seemed sad, alone and lonely. He wiped a tear from his face and kept looking out. Then a younger girl walked into the room with a cup of tea and noisy young boy. She observed  as the older man quickly wiped off a tear, put aside the photo and happily embraced the young boy as the young girl watched. They held hands as they all stood by the window and watched the rain from a far. They seemed happy, even after the storm. She wanted to be part of that world, part of that family.

As she stretched out, the other door started banging. The storm was about to begin and the couple needed her help.

The family was also calling out to her. Join us, they said, you belong with us.

The couple was calling out. You belong here, they said, you are us. You need to be here to become you.

As both doors called out to her, her head was spinning. Between the past and the present, which would she choose?

Both doors were part of her. Both played a huge role in turning her to who she was, who she was going to become.

Both doors were howling loudly now, the wind pushing her back and forth. Choose, choose they whispered.

Tears rolled down her face. She did not want to choose, she did not have to choose.

“Enough!” she shouted out loud. “I do not have to choose! I need you both in my life, I will not choose. I will live until you merge as one.”

As she said those words, she saw a window appear before her. Looking through, she saw the girl who was in the picnic and the girl who was with her father merge into one. She was happy. She was on a picnic with the young boy, the man and the old man.

She was calling out to her. She smiled as she opened the window and walked into this new world.

It was her world. She had made it just the way she wanted it. She made her own window that merged both worlds together, inevitably creating a new door, and a new world.



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