Street Fights

Jennifer flipped her weave back and let a huge breathe from her mouth. She looked around and for a minute, realized where she was and what she was doing.

She read so many stories about crazy women doing crazy things in the name of love, but never had she thought she’s be the one flipping hair and losing earrings in the middle of the road.

Suddenly she was pushed back to her main focus. This woman grasped her weave again and pulled her to the ground. This woman was now hitting her on her head.

In such a situation, most sane people would be thinking of how to escape, but Jennifer kept thinking of how much she had spent on this weave two days ago, and how she’d have to pay Mathew twice in one week.

This made her mad. It made her really mad. She flipped and pushed the skinny girl off her. She then progressed towards her and slapped her to the ground. She then proceeded to sit on her, you know, to get a good angle to hit her from.

They had a crowd now. She could see the flashes around but the thought of the hurt this woman had caused would not make her stop.

Suddenly she heard someone shout her name. The voice sounded familiar but there was a sound from her ear that hindered her hearing. Suddenly she was pulled off by some strong hands, and she watched as the other woman was lifted up by two other women.

She turned to face who had stopped her victory. It was Maryanne, her best friend and maid of honor three years back.

“Jenny,” she said calmly holding her hands tight. “You need to stop. You need to calm down.”

“That girl over there just ruined my weave!” Jennifer shouted looking at the girl. “I ain’t losing a good weave for nothing, she’s going to call her mother tonight!”

As Maryanne pulled her away, she could see Brian, her husband, with George by the car.

She laughed as soon as she saw him. “You called the brigade? Did you Brian!” she shouted angrily. “Well, it’s a good thing you called them because you need them!”

“Jennifer,” George called out meekly, “can we all go home and discuss this?”

“Home!” she said laughing. “Well, which one? Coz your boy here already found a new home with that girl over there!”

“Yes! Yes he did!”shouted the girl from a distance. “Brian loves me, he can’t stand you. You nag him and drain him, why would he want someone like you! It’s good you know his home is with me, it’s good that you’ve realized that you lost him a long while ago. It’s about time he left you for good!”

Jennifer could feel Maryanne’s hands clench her tighter as she turned to face the girl.

“Child,” she said calmly as she could. “You can have him. I need a man, not a boy who follows any shiny thing in a skirt that is not confident enough to get her own. You can keep him, coz once you’re forty and a mother of three, your body will look just like mine and then you’ll realize who you’re stuck with. My weave and I deserve better I tell you! So keep him, and your ratchetness to yourself for I won’t demean myself like this again.”

All eyes were on Brian now. He looked ashamed and angry to be there. Jennifer just looked at him then past him, smiling.

Maryanne held her hand as they walked to her car by the corner. They got in and started the engine.

Jennifer then turned to her friend and let out a huge sad cry while in her arms. Her world was crashing down and what she needed right now, was a hug.


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