Lucy sat in the car confused and afraid. Her master had just taken her from her family, and what she knew as her home, to give her to some woman whose laughter hurt her ears. Her master said she was strong, and that she’d serve her new boss well.

The new boss saw Lucy’s distress and tried to calm her down. She tried to give her food but Lucy was too distraught to eat.

She wanted to scream, jump out the car and back to her home, but she knew better than to upset the master. A tear escaped her eye as she drove off from her family who could do nothing but watch as she went to start a new life.

Lucy had always wondered what it was like boarding a vehicle. They moved fast and were strong. They looked like they ate up the bosses and threw up upon arrival. She had never moved so fast in her life without moving a muscle. In a way, it made her feel powerful, but at the same time it scared her.

Her new boss lady looked at her and smiled. It’s like she could read her mind. “There there, you’re going to be alright,”she said soothingly.

Lucy kept her guard up. She remembered the story her mother liked telling her. The master was evil, if the master was being nice, it meant they had a trick up their sleeve. Like that night the master locked them all in the pen, but Uncle Joe refused to go in, he was scared. The master let him stay outside. Come the following morning, Uncle Joe’s body, or what remained of it, was found in the veranda. He had been mauled to death by some creature.

The new boss was listening to music very loudly, laughing. This was strange. The music felt like there were drums, then people screaming in pain, and a whip could be heard in the background. Master always played mellow music they could sing to. She now wondered what really lay in her new boss’ mind, would she be tortured for the rest of her life or would she live happy, or would she be resold or killed for entertainment?

The worrying tired Lucy and soon enough, she fell asleep. But a while on, the car engine died out and Lucy was startled awake. Looking around, it was night time and they were in a forest. It was very dark. Turning to her side, she saw the boss lady by the window, observing her with interest. She had an evil smile on her face which scared Lucy. Was this the day she was going to die? Would she die like an animal, beat and disposed off in the forest?

Suddenly the boss lady spoke to her husband, “I don’t know Phil, she looks really thin to me…”

“Then keep her and fatten her up”, he said calmly beneath the car. They had a puncture and he was repairing it.

“Ma’am,”Lucy said shaken, barely recognizing her voice. “Ma’am…you have to let me go Please. Please…I don’t want to die…I want to live…ma’am, I want to go back to my home, to my family, ma’am-”

Lucy felt a warm burning sensation on her face that pushed her further the car. She felt the slap first before realizing she had been hit.

My! This woman had to mercy. She had to scream for help as loud as she could, she had to escape.

“Help, help! Heeelp!!!” she shouted at the top of her lungs. “They’re trying to kill me!! Help me!!”

She could hear the boss man laughing beneath her screams. Her walked towards her with a spanner in hand. He looked at her in fascination, tapping the spanner on his hands. “Maybe we should gag her,” he suggested to his wife.

“No..” she said calmly. “Let her stay there. we shall deal with her once we get home.”

The calmness in the woman’s voice scared her. She knew the end would be slow and painful, and yet there was nothing she could do as the bosses boarded the car to proceed with the journey.

They got home around ten at night. There were neighbors outside saying hello. Lucy screamed for help but they all laughed as they watched her dragged to her fate. They ignored her as if they could not see her, let alone hear her.

“I have feelings! I am alive and real! Why won’t you help me? Why would you let these people do this to me?” she shouted as she got dragged home.

As the door locked behind her, she knew her fate was sealed, that no one would help her. The boss lady gave her a warm room to sleep in, food and water. Then she locked the door behind.

As Lucy wen to bed, she prayed for hope, that tomorrow would be a better day.

Come morning, she could hear conversation and commotion in the house. Mr. boss man had left for work. After a while, another man came home, and they negotiated on price of some service.

Before Lucy realized what was happening, the man opened her door. She tried to escape but he was quicker. He grabbed her by both arms and dragged her out.

All this time, Lucy was screaming for help, the boss lady looked at her with confusion on her face.

“What’s wrong with that chicken?”she asked the man furiously, “Kill it quickly, I’m having guests over for lunch.”

“Yes ma’am,”he said shaking Lucy harder.

“Help me! Help, heeelp!” yelled out Lucy. But still, the world went on as if they could not hear her.


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  1. Shadrack says:

    Falling in love with your blog. Keep going.

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