Babes and Babies



Beep. Hi


How’s your back?

Beep. Still messed up. Think I need a holiday.


Lol, you brought that out on yourself. Work is busy today, your end?

Beep. A nightmare, think I’ll be pulling an all nighter today. I’ll call you later, alligator 🙂


Bye…have a nice day, xoxo.

“You two should get married already!”teased Melissa who was busy folding jeans at the front counter.

“And kill all the suspense and excitement, I think not,”she answered locking her phone.

“I miss that feeling,”Melissa said sighing. “The only excitement get with James nowadays is when the baby sleeps early and we can look forward to a good night’s sleep. I’m telling you things are so bad a sleep with night cream on and he doesn’t even flinch.”

The rest of the girls at the boutique let out huge laughs. Melissa always had a way with words, she could turn the worst situations into the funniest stories.

April smiled. She was sure that things would never get there with Gilbert, and even if they did, they would find a way to make things work.

This was their eighth month together. She remembered the day he walked into their store, at that time she was based in their Hurlingham branch. He was looking for holiday shorts and at a good price. She helped him pick out his and his sister’s. He came back a month later to thank her and ask her out on a date. He was funny, charming, very considerate and sweet. Nothing had changed since then and she felt like the luckiest girl alive.

She always compared him to her ex boyfriend, Timothy. He was always broke, always wanted to stay at home and never was a gentleman when they went out. To him, visiting Njuguna’s and eating nyama choma with his boys was considered a romantic night out. He always called just to know where she was and never make plans after. His airtime always ran out and he’d send her those annoying ‘please call me’ texts. In his defense, he was a hustler. He was a junior accountant with KCB and had many ‘life changing’projects going on. He started with the movie store but the girl he hired  stole from him till he closed shop. Then he started the goat selling project which also flopped when Kenya meat commission rejected his goats and he had to sell them at a loss. Then he took out a loan to buy land and resell it at a profit two years on. But the land wrangles in the country considered his plot grabbed land and he was stuck with a loan to pay off.

But he loved her a she always said. Her biggest problem was the desire for the good life too early he said. He always reminded her that her father bought his first luxury car when he was forty two, not twenty seven. He asked to meet her family but she could not bring herself to do it. She saw the hard life they would go through first and she could not handle it.

On the other hand, Gilbert was thirty three, with his own company and no baggage. Sure, he had his own problems but he knew better than to weigh all of them on her now. He gave her space and rarely slept over at hers.He would ask how her day was before asking where she was and never got suspicious of a night out with the girls. Sure, he had never said he loved her but actions spoke louder than words, right?

“April, stop day dreaming and go attend to that customer,”hissed Melissa, “the boss will be check out the CCTV today and trust me, you don’t want to be that idle girl today.”

April put her phone down and quickly walked on to the expectant lady.

“Hi madam, welcome to our boutique, what are you looking for today?”

The woman looked at her and smiled. “Hi April,”she said looking at her tag. “We may need a chair later on, I might be here for a while.”

She needed baby clothes, more maternity wear and jewelry.

True to her word, an hour passed and she was seated. Pregnancy had the ability to tire the strongest of women she said. She kept looking at her phone somewhat annoyed.

“Is everything okay ma’am?” April asked concerned.

She sighed. “My husband, he was supposed to be here twenty minutes ago…and my patience has become very thin with this child I’m carrying.”

“Why don’t you just call him?” April suggested. “Find out what’s keeping him.”

As he phone went through, April went through the aisles picking out more dresses for her client. From a distance she could hear the conversation. He wanted her to go to another boutique. Apparently theirs was not good enough. But the wife put her foot down, saying she found a few things she liked. She hung up shortly with a smile on her face.

“He’s coming. I think I’ll try on a few dresses now,”she said walking towards the changing room.

April carried all the dresses picked out and took them to her cubicle. All those clothes would mean a pretty good commission for her and she was happy.

She picked out ten dresses and came out to choose baby clothes.

As April was adding on the dresses to her cart, she saw a familiar face walk into the store, with a bouquet of flowers. She smiled at him and he smiled back walking towards her.

Gilbert was such a sweet man she thought. Melissa, who was behind him, was gushing with excitement pointing at him.

“There you are…”said a sweet voice behind April. “I cannot decide between the lavender and green of this outfit…”

“Why don’t you take both?”Gilbert said moving towards the woman and kissing her on the lips. “These are for you,”he said handing her the flowers.

Melissa had both hands to her mouth now. She was stunned. 

April had her back to them. She couldn’t believe it. He walked right past her like he didn’t know her. Maybe he had a twin.

“Gilbert, we’ll miss the parenting class today…”

No, no no…he couldn’t have a twin with the same name….April felt dizzy. She wanted to run, lock herself somewhere and scream.

Melissa walked towards her. “April,”she said softly. “You go get some air, I’ll take it from here.”

As she walked away, she heard Gilbert’s wife call her out. “April, where are you going?”

“I…I’m not feeling so well ma’am…”she said trying to smile. “I need to go get some air but you are in good hands with Melissa.”

“That’s a shame,”she said smiling. “I really liked you. Hopefully we’ll meet again.”


How could you do this to me?

Beep. I knew.


Knew what?

Beep. Knew that you were sleeping with my husband when I was pregnant. I came to this store so that you could see for yourself that Gilbert is a married man, a happily married man. He does not need you and frankly, I do not need the drama. Stay away from my husband or next time, I won’t be so subtle.

From the staff’s kitchen, April could see Gilbert and his wife walking out the store, him carrying the luggage, and her, holding his phone with a smile on her face.

She saw April and smiled. She waved at her as a person would their friend. “Bye April, it was really nice meeting you…”

And with that, she was gone.


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