Thika Road


Mark drove recklessly along the super highway. 

Kenyans have the weirdest driving habits, he thought to himself. Everyone knew the right lane was for over taking, and yet here, in the super highway he trailed behind a Peugeot 504 that was in need of an early retirement.

“C’mon!!!”he shouted, hooting at the car. The driver in front did not seem deterred, he did not increase his pace. Instead he lowered his window and with his hand, asked Mark to slow down.

Mark saw an opportunity to overtake them man and took it happily. On the side of the mirror, he could see the Peugeot driver give him a thumbs up. He couldn’t help but smile. That man was so calm, so relaxed…Mark wondered if he would turn out like that in future.

You see, Mark was rushing to the hospital, his long term girlfriend, Angela, was in labor. The baby they had waited for was finally here, and he was scared.

For the longest time ever, Mark had been afraid of commitment. Although he had dated Angela for six years, she knew that she was not his only girlfriend and she took it. She always said that one day he would realize that she was enough for him.

The day he found out she was pregnant, the baby was five months and she vehemently refused an abortion. His boys laughed at him, saying that Angela had finally found a way to trap in. The pregnancy could not have come in a worse time, Mark had begun falling for his colleague at work, Wanda. She had the biggest eyes he had ever seen. With her, she always had an opinion and stood her ground, unlike Angela, who’s answers to serious debates was always, ‘I don’t know, what do you think?’

But he was a father now, and he was going to do right by his family. Just two weeks ago, he had called it off with Angela. He would never admit it to anyone, but he cried that day upon losing her. But he knew he was doing the right thing, and that Angela was a good woman too.

The hospital smelt of urine and heavy disinfectant. He could taste quinine in his mouth from the mixture of the smells. He wanted to throw up. He took out his mobile and called Angela’s sister, they were on the fourth wing.

He rushed to the ward, with his heart beating heavy, ready to meet his child.

When Salome saw him, she stood up and hugged him. She was with her other as well. Angela was sleeping and the baby was in the nursery.

“It’s a girl,”Salome told him excitedly. “Congratulations…”

He let out a nervous laugh. Girls were difficult and complicated, and he knew he would get manipulated easily. But he was glad she would bring tenderness to his heart.

“Have you seen her?”he asked somewhat excited.

“No, not yet, but the nurse is bringing her any time soon.”

Five minutes lapsed and their mother decided to go get some milk.

As soon as she left, the little angel was brought in and put in her father’s arms.

She was so small and angelic in her sleep. He could only see her face but he could tell she was going to be a beauty.

Angela stirred from her sleep, she smiled on seeing Mark and the baby. Mark smiled back at her.

“She got your skin tone,” he said smiling. A nurse in the background let out a huge laughter and immediately suppressed it. She excused herself from the room.

“What’s wrong with her?”asked Salome somewhat offended. But they soon got in on the joke when Mark uncovered the baby’s head.

The child’s hair was soft, almost Caucasian. Mark was taken a back. He then realized the child was abnormally light, as if white.

“But how…”he asked himself looking at the child then looking at Angela.

Angela was confused. She had not seen the child either. She had passed out after labor and was unsure of what was going on until she saw the child. She gasped. The baby looked Chinese.

“Heh…Angela, what did you do? What did you do?!”he asked, his voice louder than he intended. “You picked a Chinese contractor from the super highway as well? Heh!”

 Mark gave the child to Salome and faced the wall. He remembered his sweet Wanda and how he hurt her over a family that wasn’t hers.

Angela was crying now, saying that she had no idea, that she did not mean to, that she had been possessed by an evil to hurt him, that she never thought… 

He couldn’t take it any more. He stormed out.

On his way out he met Angela’s mother.

“And where do you think you’re going?”she asked surprised. “Are you leaving your future wife and child alone?”

“No mum,” he said with a smile on his face. “I think the father you are looking for is somewhere along Thika road constructing the Super Highway!


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