Little feet.

He was sad again, seated on the couch watching Jerry Springer. She looked at him and smiled. Six years seemed like a short time to know someone, she thought to herself. But yet in six years they had their first date, fought, fell in love and wed. It had been a beautiful time where they got to know one another.

Six years is a long time, it is sufficient time for people to change their dreams, change who they are, but in as much as Tim had hoped for one change in her, it had refused to happen. So as the fights increased, she hid her true feelings and said what needed to be said for peace to prevail.

She poured herself a glass of whiskey as she thought about it all. The clanging f the ice diverted his attention from the screen and to her.

“You surely cannot be drinking at a time like this….”he said, calmer than usual.

“What’s the point?”she said sarcastically. “It’s not like I’m pregnant.”

“God! Why are you so sarcastic on the matter, it’s like your mind is not even on the subject. We’ve been trying to have a baby for the last two years Veronica, and every time the results come back, you go back to your whiskey like you’ve given up”.

Maybe I never started fighting.


“I don’t know what to do with you any more,”he said wiping his forehead. “You’ve become somebody else.”

Maybe you never accepted this part of me in the first place.

“Say something babe, I’m trying to get to you but you keep shutting me out.”

She took one look of him and saw the pain in his eyes. He really wanted a child and she could not tell him that was never her dream. He would be crushed. She could not talk to the one person she wanted to at the moment. So she did what she knew best, she cried.


As she cried he held her, comforted her and the pain was forgotten fast. In his arms, she was safe, and she knew she belonged.

She clang on to him and they cried together.

She was good with children but could never take care of her own. That’s why four years ago she went to the doctor and had her tubes tied. But he’d never understand. So in this brief moment, they held each other, one mourning as the other celebrated, over a life they were most likely never to have.


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    You got some really great stuff here..

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