Of mad men and women.

“I remember the first time I saw him, feels like it was just yesterday. He was a confident man, looked rich and charming. He was a charmer I tell you, you could see it from the number of girls that flocked his side, ignoring his company entirely. He was a Chuck Bass, you know, like in Gossip Girl.

But I wasn’t one of those girls, I was focused on my career, which started with school, and therefore, had no time for his kind.

I think that’s what drew him to me. I was the only woman who did not want him, and he found that strange. Being young, handsome and from a wealthy family, getting his way was the norm of the way. So when he came my way and I blew him off, he pulled me to the dance floor and swooned me away.

He went home with my number, but I called him first.

We went on a series of dates, from animal shelters to clubs, even to church. He was a strange one, just like me, and I fell for him immediately.

I still remember when I told him I loved him. We had been drinking in a park, which, by the way was illegal. He got up and shouted out loud, “she loves me!”, then he raised me up and kissed me on the lips, which was also wrong in park. You should have seen us running away from the council workers, that was a really good day.

Then I finally graduated from college. He met my folks that day. My dad was all grumpy but by the end of the day, those two were friends. He had potential my mother said. I was happy that they loved him as much as I did.

So when he asked me to marry him, I said yes without thinking twice. A year down the line, we were man and wife, both of us very ambitious, challenging each other to grow and become better. We were becoming the power couple, the one people wanted to emulate.

You see, he’s brought out the best in me. He’s taught me to live the dream, and I, I have made him kinder and more cautious. He’s an amazing man and I would not trade what we have for anything! Not even a million bucks. I mean it, unless, unless you have a million bucks. Do you have a million bucks?”

“No,” he said smiling. “But your husband seems like he needs some help.”

She turned to face his direction. He was on the ground dead asleep. She chuckled and sipped on her beer.

“No…this, this is good. It’s a good story for tomorrow. Plus he’s heavy,” she said sipping on her beer the more.”The driver will- ah, here he is now. Waweru! Waweru!”

She shouted waving at a man who had just walked into the bar. He looked polished and efficient.

He said hello to the madam who pointed at her husband who was on the ground. The driver picked up the man and carried him into a Lexus parked outside.

The woman stood up and downed her beer in one gulp.

“Well, it was nice meeting you,” she said looking at the man. “Here, have a drink on me.”

From her purse, she took out five thousand shillings and gave it to the stranger. She then staggered to the car, humming one of the local music that was playing in the bar.

“Weh, Timo, who was that woman who were talking to?” asked the locals as they watched the car drive off.

“A mad woman, that’s who,” he said, still looking at the notes she had left in disbelief.


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