Hush, hush.


She sat curled up by the sofa. Her eyes were watery and her nose swollen from all the crying. She couldn’t help herself. She felt so sad.

She looked at the empty bowls by her side; crisps and ice cream didn’t help any more. They were done and her stock was over. To make it worse it was raining, which made her all the more sad and lonely…she begun crying again.

She felt so stupid, needy like a baby. What was wrong with her, she kept asking herself. She was such a baby, a needy baby, and nobody liked that. But she didn’t care, she couldn’t be alone again.

She picked her phone and dialed a number, trying to level her breathing.

“Hello?” answered a male voice on the other end. She did not respond but kept on controlling her voice. “Baby…is everything okay?”

“No…,”she said as her tears kept trickling down her face. “I need you home…I need you home now.”

Something in her voice worried him. “I’m on my way,” he said getting up and closing up work.

He knew his boss would be furious, but his wife needed him. Maybe something was wrong…what if it was the baby not okay?

Many questions ran through his mind as he drove home. They had tried for years on end to get a baby, and finally, when they had given up hope, their dreams came true.

The doctors had kept on telling them that chances of getting a child were slim, that even after getting the child chances of survival were slim…that Gloria had to stay home, and do nothing at all. She was in a very delicate state.

What if she slipped and fell? What if she had called him, lying in a pool of blood, holding onto her tummy to save her child’s life? He knew that they couldn’t survive that trauma, that things would not be the same for them…

“Oh Gloria….please be alright…”he whispered to himself as he rushed to the door of the house.

He opened the door. She lay on the rug, tears still streaming down her face.  He rushed to her and embraced her, worried, concerned.

“Gloria, are you, are you alright?” he asked turning her face to him.

She just cried the more. He was worried now.

“Gloria, do I need to call the doctor? What’s going on? Baby, talk to me!”

She shook her head in response, still crying.

“Everything’s alright then?” he asked. She nodded.

He was puzzled. “Then what’s the matter?”

Gloria felt stupid now. “I was watching Titanic, and it was so sad when Jack died…then I thought of you. Thought if that were us…oh Will, hold me! I…I don’t ever want to lose you.”

William held onto his wife, comforting her as she cried the more. He was glad she was alright, but deep down, he couldn’t wait for his wife’s hormones to  get back to normal.


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