Someone Like you.


The grounds were filled with lash green grass, and the sun shone bright.

Earlier arrangements had been made and the grounds were ready. Details such as little ribbons and petals on the ground had not been forgotten.

The ushers by the entrance welcomed guests with smiles on their faces, it was after all, a joyous occasion.

He picked his card from the ushers and decided on the tent to his left.  From that point he could see the alter clearly. This is what he wanted.

“Lovely girl I tell you,”said one woman seated in front of him. “Jason is such a lucky man, but so is our Lucy.”

“Yes,”replied the other.”She had stayed so long alone we had begun worrying for her. But God always keeps the right man for the right woman.”

“Yes he does,” she replied happily,” I, for one, am one of those lucky women…”

He sighed. The wedding would begin soon, rush on, the festivities begin and then he could go home. He was never a wedding man, he thought too much fuss was put into it. It was, after all a woman’s affair.

But today was different. He knew the couple well enough. This was a day to celebrate Jason and Lucy’s love, which had been long and true for over three years. They would finally be man and wife.

Thirty minutes passed and everyone stood up, ready to welcome the bride. She looked beautiful, as always. Her smile was all the way to her eyes, she was practically glowing like every bride should. She walked past him without a glance. He mused, he was, most probably the last person she expected to see here. But he had to come, he had to come say good bye.

As the priest led the ceremony, he mentioned that the two had a pure and honest love and soon, they would be joined before God meaning no one would ever interefere with what is blessed in His presence.

Seated on his chair, he smiled and folded his hands.

Pure and honest my foot, he thought to himself. Lucy, throughout all those years had been his, she was his woman and nobody but them knew. Her family and friends thought she had been alone four years before she met Jason, all the while she was with him. She was his woman, up until three months ago.

He remembered it like it was yesterday. She came over to his place, but it was different that time. She refused to hold him, to sit even. Then, standing by the door she broke his heart. She told him that she was getting married and that marriage would change everything for her. She could not see him again, that it hurt her to say good bye but being together was not…was not right.

He closed his eyes. His sweet Lucy was leaving him and he had no choice but accept it, this is what she wanted. He had to respect her decision or he’d lose her forever.

But still, he couldn’t help but remember the good times they had. Late nights watching movies, cooking dinner together…he missed the way she used to dance when cleaning the dishes, or how awful she would sing in the shower. He missed seeing her depend on him, relying on him to make her smile when she had a bad day…and now, Jason would do all those things for her.

People were clapping now while getting up. The ceremony was over and the bride and groom walked down the isle, receiving congratulations from friends and family. She had to see him, Lucy had to see the pain in his eyes.

She walked towards him, and for a few seconds, their eyes locked. Lucy felt a pain hit her and she bit her lower lip.

“Congratulations Lucy,” he said calmly,” I wish you all the happiness in the world.”

She paused for a moment and held his hand. “Thank you,” she said smiling up at him.

The convoy did not allow her to linger a bit more, she was gone as fast as she came.

The crowd moved towards the reception while he stood, glued to the ground, staring at a memory go further and further away.


He was distracted from thought by a familiar voice by his side.

“There you are!” she said standing by his side.”Sorry we took so long, had to change this one’s diaper and calm him down, he’s a bit cranky today.”

She looked up at him and noticed a sad look on his face. “Honey, is everything alright?”

He cleared his throat. “Completely dear,”he said smiling at her.”Here, let me help you with the baby, you must be tired as is.”


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