She walked down the stairs slowly, grunting with each step she took. Her back ached, and she mused that her body creaked as loud as the stairs.

She was thirsty and needed a glass of cold milk. She knew all she had to do was pick the phone and ask someone to bring it to her, but it was two o’clock in the morning, she did not want to bother anyone.

She had moved in with her son seven months ago. The children said she was too old to live alone, now that her Anthony had passed away. She smiled every time she thought of him, fifty six beautiful years spent together…

She was interrupted from her thought by the light from the living room. Someone was awake? She guessed it was Lilly, her daughter in law, waiting up on Andrew. He had been drinking so much of late, their relationship had been disrupted. But Lilly had been patient with him, always hopeful that he was going to change soon.

She did not want to embarrass her daughter so she quietly walked into the kitchen, took the milk from the fridge and sat in the darkness, slowly enjoying her drink.

A few minutes later, a light passed through the drive way and she observed as Lilly got up and waited for her husband, with hands akimbo. She smiled, it had been a while since she had witnessed drama, especially one where the receiving party deserved it this would be very deserving, not to mention entertaining.

As soon as Andrew walked through the door, Lilly went into a frenzy, asking where he was from, who he was with, and if he knew, or realized for that matter, that a married man could not party like a college boy. She was angry with him and getting tired of his drama, and if, if he would not change his ways, she would go back to live with her parents and tell on him.

Margret smiled, her daughter was something else. She was proud.

What ensued next was unexpected. Andrew told his wife that she was free to leave. Margret almost interrupted their conversation. She was in as much shock as Lilly.

Andrew in fact insisted that his wife leave at that very moment, that he had company, that it would not be fair on his new wife, who was waiting in the car, to come home to such hostility.

Lilly had a dazed look on her face and she could hear a very drunk Andrew slurring. He was telling her not to be so surprised, after all, it had been months since they were intimate. It had three years of marriage and she was yet to bear the man a child. He needed a fertile wife, who understood him, one who would go to parties with him and drink together. He was tired of her prudishness and infertility, she had to go.

Lilly out of anger retorted back that maybe she was not the reason they were unable to have children. Andrew never responded. He instead went to the car and brought in his new wife. He then grabbed Lilly by the arm, kicked her out into the cold and locked the door.

The commotion woke up her maid, who, upon reaching the stairs, was dismissed back to bed, and asked to check on Margret.

Margret watched in the darkness, as her son and new wife threw Lilly’s clothes out through the window and threatened her to leave lest they call the police. Laughter then ensued.

Margret picked her glass of milk and walked into the light, where her son could see her.

She was dissapointed in him, and he could see it in her eyes.

The maid rushed down the stairs upon realization that Margret was not in her room.

She held the old lady’s hand, leading her up the stairs to her room.

“My poor poor child,” Margret whispered as she walked up the stairs. “I’ve seen it all now.”


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