She sat next to one of the large windows in the cafe looking out, watching people as they went about their routine life. She always played a character game, where she guessed one’s personality in accordance to their appearance. During the weekends it got a bit more tricky as people got more comfortable in their attire, making it difficult to assess who they were. But she liked the challenge more, it gave her something to think about.

Her waiter walked briskly towards her with a tray in one hand and a napkin on the other. He was swift, precise and good at what he did. It was a passion, and he enjoyed it. She smiled at him and thanked him as he placed her iced tea before her. Her meal would be brought in after a short while.

She felt good. It was headed to three o’clock and her day was  almost over. It was a relaxed day, she had gone to the spa, had her nails done, her hair done then she went shopping. She looked at the numerous bags on the chair beside hers and she smiled. She was living the life, she thought, an iron lady in her own accord.

She thought of him and smiled. Today marked five years together. There was something there, she knew it. He had been so kind and loving with her throughout the years, and she, well, she had been patient. And for her patience she got to go the spa and shop from time to time.

She stared at her phone again.Twenty three minutes had passed and still, he had not replied her message. He was busy most probably, work, after all was a priority for him.

She was interrupted from thought by a tall charismatic man who stood before her. He mumbled something about it being wrong for a beautiful woman such as herself having a meal alone…she sighed. He was handsome no doubt, but she was committed and did not want to start anything with anyone. She was in love.

She looked at her phone again and sighed. Nothing, not a word. She had made sure he knew that today was their anniversary, not that she expected dinner or to spend the day with him, things like those never happened to girls like her.

You see, her man belonged to someone else. He  had been married for seven years and had two children with his wife. She knew they lived together, she had even met the children from time to time. But she knew their marriage was fading. He said so, their mutual friends said so. So she had no reason to feel guilt. If it weren’t for the kids he would have left her already…


Looking out the window she saw a couple holding hands and smiling at each other. They looked happy, complete even. Looking closer, she realized she knew them. It was her man with his wife.

In one hand she held flowers. Flowers that he had bought for her, on their fifth year anniversary.

He looked up and their eyes met. She felt betrayed, he looked afraid. Suddenly he whispered something to his wife and they walked  in the other direction, totally avoiding her.

She smiled, filled with anger and hurt. He would never love her wholly, she thought. She would always be second best, second best to a woman who did not care for him as she did.

She beckoned a waiter and asked for a glass of scotch. She, after all, needed to celebrate five years. Alone.


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