Daft, Ruined wreck.

Her hand groped the wall in darkness. She knew she was on her bed, in her boss’s house, and was supposed to be awake in the  next half hour to prepare that snotty child go to school. But she couldn’t move, she couldn’t lift a leg, the pain was too intense.

She wanted to scream but she didn’t want the attention. So she grabbed a pillow and screamed into it. Her tummy hurt, it hurt real bad. But she had to get up. Betty had to get up, or she would be fired. What would she tell her mother? She got her this job to help sustain the family, pay for her brother’s fees as he would amount to something. He would never be like her, she remembered her mother’s words. It was bad enough she was a woman, God had to make her daft too.

Oh how mother was right, she thought. I am daft, and this, this pain proves it all.

She would be damned however, if she let her mother gloat. She would get up, go to work then go back to bed.

So she took one leg and it touch the ground. you must not bend over Betty, you must not, she whispered to herself as she placed her other leg on the ground and stood up.

She took the first step, then a second. The light switch was not far, if she could get to it, she would be fine, she was sure of it.

The lights went on and that’s when Betty realized how serious her situation was. There was blood on the sheets, on the floor, on her legs. She knew what was happening, she just was not prepared.

She heard that little brat call out her name angrily. She cursed under her breathe as she quickly turned off the light before they realized she was asleep. That child was persistent, to the point of being annoying. She knew she had very little time left before miss Boss lady came to check on her. If she was to act, she had to do it first, to make the pain go away.

Mean while, back in the main house, little Judy knocked onto her mother’s door angrily.

“Mother, mum! wake up, I need to get ready for school and Betty is not awake yet…” she said knocking.” Mum, I can’t be late…mum!”

Her mother covered her head with her pillow. Maybe if she ignored her, she would go away then she could have ten more minutes, just ten more minutes….

“Mum…mum!” she shouted as the knocks grew louder.

Her husband stirred and grunted. She was sure he was cursing.

“Alright Judy,” she said yawning while grabbing her robe,”Mummy’s coming.”

True to her word, Betty was still asleep. She had lost a good forty minute sleep because her maid would not get up.

“Mum, you go wake her,”her little girl said.” She should be doing this, not you.”

As she walked towards Betty’s room she smiled, she had a strong willed daughter, she couldn’t be more proud.

She switched on the corridor lights leading to Betty’s room only to meet the girl groping in the dark, looking for the bathroom door. She was holding something in her hands, using her skirt. The girl’s hands were bloody.

“Betty, what in the world is going on her?”

Hearing her boss’ voice startled her and she dropped her skirt spilling clotted blood and the lifeless fetus before her feet.


A shocked sound escaped her boss’ voice and she knew, she knew for sure she was fired.

Betty went on her knees trying to pile up the blood, the baby, draw them closer to her.

“Madam, I…I…I….”, Betty stuttered, trying to keep her voice normal and the tears back, but she could not. She broke down to tears. “I never meant for this to happen madam, I…never…”

“Betty, calm down,” her boss said in a calm yet strict voice.”Now, compose yourself and clean this mess up. We shall handle this once I’m back from dropping Judy. Tidy up and stay in your room, do you understand?”

“Yes madam,” she said controlling the sobs.

She then sat on the floor and watched her boss walk out to go do  her job.

She was ruined. She was a daft ruined wreck.


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